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AniMixPlay is a free, fast loading speed, and safe anime streaming website that offers a variety of genre highlights, such as Action, Comedy, Demons, Drama, Historical, Romance, Samurai, School, Shoujo Ai, and Shounen Supernatural. All of the content is free. You can watch anime online and download your favorite shows with high quality. There's no need to go to the cinema when AnimixPlay brings the world of anime straight to your home.

Completely free to watch anime and unlimited downloads

We work with the desire that everyone can watch their favorite anime series. And best of all, our service is completely free to use. Watch as much anime as possible, whenever you want, and download as many episodes as you want. AniMixplay is the perfect way to watch anime online.

Can watch anime with the AniMixplay app?

AniMixPlay is not currently available on mobile platforms.

However, AniMix Play is a responsive website so that you can watch anime on your phone with the perfect computer-like experience.

We are planning to build the AniMixPlay APK soon. Register to receive notifications when the application is complete.

Do not use fake AniMixPlay applications to protect your device. Because there are reports that users leaked their information when installing those fake apps.

Is AniMixPlay Safe?

AniMixPlay is a website that allows users to watch anime and download it. It is one of the most popular anime streaming websites, with over 1 million users worldwide.

Many people are wondering whether AniMixPlay is safe. There are some concerns that the website may be hosting pirated content or that it may be involved in other illegal activities. However, we can assure you that AniMix Play is a completely safe and legal website. We have all the necessary licenses and permissions to offer our services, and we take measures to ensure that our user's data is always safe and secure.

So if you're looking for a safe and legal way to watch anime shows for free, then AniMixPlay is the website for you.

AniMixPlay always has real full HD quality, high-speed transmission, no lag

At Animixplay, we only use Bluray video (reencoded) for all our anime. This means that our videos are full HD resolution (1080p), while other sites only have 720p. With such high quality, the amount of data per second (bitrate) is 5-10 times higher than other common online sites. This is the deciding factor for the sharpness of the movie (even more important than the resolution). AniMix Play uses high-speed transmission and a large bandwidth to provide the best anime streaming experience.

More than 10000 anime titles are updated daily by AniMixPlay

AniMixPlay has a library of over 10,000 anime titles. We are constantly working with different suppliers, and new episodes are released every day. Our English subtitles and dub team work quickly to upload the latest anime episodes to our website. Animixplay is always confident in bringing you the latest anime episodes.

How many websites does AniMixplay have?

AniMixPlay is the only legal website at the moment. Any other website with similar content to AniMixPlay is fake. To prevent viruses from infecting your device, we recommend restricting your access to unfamiliar websites and clicking links on them.